Life sometimes throws unexpected curveballs, and whether it’s recovering from an illness, coping with a disability flare-up, or navigating a life transition, you deserve a safe and supportive haven. This is where our Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) service shines.

We offer a haven with comprehensive daily living support in a comfortable temporary home, allowing you to focus on regaining your strength or adjusting to changes with peace of mind. Our goal is to empower you to maintain as much independence as possible while receiving the care you need.

How we’ll be your temporary champions:

  • Tailored Daily Support: Our compassionate team assists with tasks like bathing, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and medication management, adjusting to your unique needs and schedule.
  • Comfy and Accessible Homes: We have welcoming temporary accommodations designed for ease and comfort, ensuring a soothing retreat during your stay.
  • Personalized Care Plans: We listen to your story and goals, then craft a flexible plan that adapts to your progress and changing needs.
  • Experienced Support Workers: Our dedicated team offers compassionate care and emotional support, helping you navigate your temporary stay with ease.

Don’t face challenges alone. Contact Alpine Care Group today and discover how our MTA service can provide the stability and support you need during life’s temporary transitions.

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